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About Certificate Course on GST

The Central government has been taking various steps towards the implementation of the country's most ambitious indirect tax reform of Goods and Services Tax which is expected to roll out from 1st July 1 2017. The following bills have been passed in the parliament on 29th March, 2017:

  • Central Goods & Services Tax Bill
  • Integrated Goods & Services Tax Bill
  • Union Territory Goods Services Tax Bill
  • Compensation GST Bill

To cope up with the ongoing changes and bring greater awareness about the new tax proposals and policy, the Focus Institute Of Technology has decided to introduce the Certificate Course on GST. The objective of this Course is to enhance the knowledge as well as to provide benefit to the members in the global service market. The participants are expected to have basis knowledge of the subject.

Course Objective

The Course aims to facilitate the members in industry as well in practice by:

  • Providing specialized and updated knowledge in the area of GST in a systematic manner;
  • Enhancing analytical and problem solving skills for decision making.


Only the members of the Focus Institute Of Technology are eligible to pursue this course

Course Coverage

Definition and Concept under GST, Levy, Time of Supply, Place of Supply, Input Tax Credit, Transitional issues, Valuation, Registration, Returns, Payment, Refund, Assessment, Offences, penalties, Advance Ruling, FTP ,Customs Duty, Ethical Practice and Moot Court.

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Course Duration and Course Hours

10 Days Course (9:30 AM to 5:30 PM)


The faculty for the course will be a combination of practicing Chartered Accountants, advocates, academicians and experts in the field of indirect taxes to provide the members an in-depth technical as well as practical knowledge.


A certificate will be awarded to the members on successful completion of course and after passing the examination which will be held twice in a year.

CPE Hours

30 Structured CPE Hours would be given to member (The minimum requirement recommended by the CPE Committee for a Calendar year for the members in practice)


The registration will be on first come first served basis. Interested members may register offline by conting US.

Detailed course content

For detailed course content of the course my kindly visit the following link:

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